Who would benefit from our services?

February 25, 2014

People who would like to improve their psychological, emotional, and physical well- being can benefit from our services.  Some people may simply feel their lives are out-of- balance and they would like to gain some sense of harmony and peace.  Others may want to change something about themselves or their lives and not be too sure how to go about it, or have tried ways that did not work.  Our services can help to provide new perspectives and achieve the desired outcomes.

Many people also experience life stressors and have difficulty coping with them. Unmanaged stressors decrease people’s satisfaction with their lives, their ability to enjoy pleasant experiences, and their capacity to engage in productive work.  In addition to the negative consequences for psychological well-being, persistent and uncontrolled stressors are often associated with health difficulties.  By gaining control over stressors and your reactions to them, you will be able to enjoy your life more and be more productive. We believe that even challenging difficulties can be overcome through a combination of perseverance and proper guidance, much like toddlers learn to walk.

Our services benefit not only individuals but also the organizations that they serve. Increased individual well-being will reduce lost work-time due to psychological distress or even physical ailments. Both individuals and organizations benefit!

To help achieve these diverse goals, our programs are flexible and can be delivered in a variety of ways to individuals, groups, or organizations.  Some services are intended for individuals and are delivered in private sessions.  Other services are more readily delivered to groups and can be offered to informal groups in the community or delivered at work on behalf of organizations.

Both Dr. Barbopoulos and Kathleen Helgason have considerable experience working with First Nations clients, a group that may have special stressors or needs and require a culturally sensitive approach.  First Nations clients will find that Heilsa’s services fit well with a traditional worldview, as well as with the more holistic approach sought by many contemporary people, irrespective of ethnicity.

Whether or not you believe our services will meet your needs, we strongly encourage you to persevere at addressing whatever issues led you to our site.  There are many helpful resources in most communities, in books, and on the internet.

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