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Stress Management Workshops

These one-day workshops explain the nature of stress and its physiological and psychological effects on people. The workshops enhance people’s ability to reduce the incidence of stress in their lives by changing their environment and avoiding, reducing, or eliminating stressors. Participants also learn to manage unavoidable stress by developing ways to interpret potential stressors differently, and by exploring techniques of mindfulness and yoga to relax both mind and body. These methods help people to accept things that can’t be changed, facilitate calmness, and improve concentration and focus.

The workshops combine research in stress and health with interactive exercises, opportunities for group discussion, and personal reflection.  The workshops are tailored depending on the size of your group and your needs.

The workshops are easily incorporated into professional development training and/or occupational health services. By assisting employees in addressing the cumulative effects of stress, employers benefit from increased work satisfaction, improved morale, and the enhanced well-being of their staff.

This is a 6 hour workshop.  There will be 2 fifteen minute breaks during the day and a 1 hour intermission for lunch. Depending on the size of your group, the workshops can be delivered at your site, or an appropriate alternative location can be arranged.  Cost of the workshop varies accordingly.

Please contact Anastasia at 204.792.5308.

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