Mindfulness Integrated Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

About E-Therapy

E-Therapy is a modern way to help people resolve life and relationship issues using the power and convenience of the Internet. E-Therapy is also known as On-Line Therapy, Tele-Therapy, or a variety of other names.  By whatever name, E-Therapy generally involves spoken and visual communication over the internet, often using Skype or Facetime. Such video-conferencing via computer allows natural communication between you and Dr. Barbopoulos.

The specific focus of the E-Therapy sessions will depend on your needs. Some people may want to discuss interpersonal relationships, or learn new ways of dealing with stress. Others may use E-Therapy as an adjunct to other face-to-face services, or to help clarify current issues they are working on. Still others will use E-Therapy to “check-in” from time to time with an objective professional to take stock of their life and work on more philosophical life issues. E-Therapy is not recommended for mental disorders involving active suicidal ideation and/or psychosis. If your difficulties are of this sort, contact your local hospital or access the services of a psychologist in your area.


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