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Psychological Therapy Terms and Conditions

Prior to starting Psychological Therapy, you must acknowledge that you have read these terms and conditions and thereby been informed about what is involved. By choosing to participate in therapy, and signing off that you have read these terms and conditions, your consent is assumed. You can stop the process at any time because you pay for one session at a time. It is also assumed that you are acting honestly and representing yourself accurately.

In-person sessions are available in Winnipeg, MB. Participating in E-therapy sessions over the internet with Dr. Anastasia Barbopoulos is as if you are participating in a therapy session with Dr. Barbopoulos in an office in the jurisdiction of the provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, or Ontario in Canada.

Age. To receive psychological therapy services delivered by Dr. Barbopoulos, you need to be 19 years of age or older.

Privacy. This site will not sell, give or trade your email or personal information to a third party. As in any face-to-face therapy situation, the same procedures would apply in regards to releasing this information. Information needs to be released to the appropriate authorities if there are threats to your safety or the safety of others such as a child protection issue, or suicidal or homicidal thoughts. These issues of safety for you or others would override the issues of confidentiality.

By law any citizen, including helping professionals, have a duty to report situations of child protection or threats of harm to yourself or others. Local child welfare authorities would have to be notified in cases where a child is in need or protection or where there is a likelihood of needing protection. In situations of self-harm or risk of harm toward others, the local police departments would need to be notified. Information may be ordered (through subpoena or court order) for legal purposes or court cases.

It is important to remember that there are limits to privacy with any e-mail sent through the internet. E-mails on the internet can be subject to errors occurring within computer systems, human error, and networks resulting in e-mails or other communications going astray accidentally. Privacy in transit over the internet cannot be guaranteed. A work computer is clearly not strictly confidential. It would not be advisable to conduct E-therapy using a computer that is designated for work. Even on a home computer, other family or friends might have access to your files. You need to take your own precautions on your personal computer to ensure confidentiality of your private communications as this may be the most likely danger for breeches of privacy. You need to evaluate your own privacy situation with your computer records and may want to print files and delete them off your computer.

Mental Health Issues. E-Therapy is not suitable for you if you currently suffer symptoms of a serious mental health disorder such as schizophrenia, manic-depression, PTSD or dissociation. These disorders require local face-to-face mental health assessment and treatment. E-therapy with Dr. Barbopoulos will not provide assessment, diagnosis or treatment of serious psychiatric conditions. Dr. Barbopoulos will not address any issues related to medication. Medication needs to be managed by your family doctor or a psychiatrist.

This site is not able to respond to crises such as child protection, trauma, domestic violence or sexual assault. This site is unable to respond to your needs if you feel suicidal or homicidal. In situations where trauma has occurred, a full mental health assessment or intensive therapy is needed. At times of a mental health crisis, you need face-to-face crisis intervention with a local mental health professional. If you feel distress to the point of harming yourself or others, you need to tell someone right away. Contact your local crisis line, family doctor, or hospital emergency department immediately.

Responsibility. You are responsible for your own actions. Any decisions or actions taken remain solely your responsibility, even if you feel they are a result of therapy.

E-therapy Session Fees. The following fees for therapy sessions are in Canadian funds. E-therapy clients can pay with credit cards accepted online through Paypal, which offers secure credit card transactions, or with direct Paypal transfers if you have a Paypal account. In-person clients can also pay by cash or cheque.

First time initial inquiry is free of charge
Regular E-therapy 50 minute session: $160 (Canadian funds)
Regular In-person therapy 50 minute session: $160 (Canadian funds)

Sessions can be one time consultations or ongoing, depending upon your needs. You pay as you go, so you only agree to pay for one session at a time.
You can discuss potential coverage with your health care insurance provider. If your insurer covers counselling with a psychologist, then they generally agree to cover in-person therapy sessions with Dr. Barbopoulos. E-therapy may also be covered as it is growing more widely accepted as a therapeutic intervention, especially as cost, efficiency, and access to services are being taken into consideration in provision of health care services.

I have read the above terms and conditions and am ready to proceed with E-therapy.


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