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E-Therapy is a contemporary way to help people resolve life and relationship issues making use of the power and convenience of the Internet. E-Therapy is also known as On-Line Therapy, Tele-Therapy, or a variety of other names. By whatever name, E-Therapy generally involves spoken and visual communication over the internet, often using Skype or FaceTime. Such video-conferencing via computer allows natural (visual and spoken) communication between you and Dr. Barbopoulos.

The specific focus of our therapy sessions will depend on your needs. Some people may want to discuss interpersonal relationships, or learn new ways of dealing with stress.

Others may use e-therapy as an adjunct to other face-to-face services, or to help clarify issues on which they are currently working. Still others will use in-person or E-Therapy to “check-in” from time to time with an objective professional to take stock of their life and work on more philosophical life issues. E-Therapy is not recommended for mental disorders involving active suicidal ideation and/or psychosis. If your difficulties are of this sort, request in-person therapy with Dr. Barbopoulos in Winnipeg, contact your local hospital, or access the services of a psychologist in your own area.

To learn more about E-Therapy, read the following pages.

Once you have decided to apply for E-Therapy or in-person Therapy with Dr. Barbopoulos, you will need to complete the following pages.

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