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The path of yoga has become increasingly popular among people of all ages and abilities. Yoga is a way of life that unites mind and body.  The practice of asanas (physical poses) has many therapeutic benefits.  The yogic system of asanas focuses on deep breathing, controlled movements, and mental concentration. The practice of yoga provides physiological and psychological balance to the body. Through yoga people can achieve greater health, awareness, and vitality.  Yoga classes can be delivered at your work place, school, organization, or home.  Yoga is very adaptable and sessions can be tailored to meet your individual needs or those of your employees, students and clients.

Examples of customized yoga include:

  • yoga for physical therapy to supplement physiotherapy, chiropractic care, and therapeutic massage
  • yoga for enhanced concentration and focused attention
  • yoga for deep relaxation and stress reduction
  • yoga to aid in the recovery from addictive behaviours such as eating disorders and substance abuse
  • yoga for seniors
  • yoga for increased flexibility, muscle tone, and strength
  • yoga for children

Please contact Kathleen at 204.297.5008 for more information.

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